Remko Booster Pump Solution For Remote Mine Site

Remko Booster Pump Solution For Remote Mine Site


Allflo was contacted in regards to transferring water from a river to a mine site. The water was the main supply to the site and was critical to process and production.

The pumps had to be selected to get the most possible flow through the 16 km pipeline. The existing pump was not delivering anywhere near the flows to effectively operate the plant.

Allflo application engineerings took the contour maps, the pipeline details and where able to provide a solution that doubled the flow to the plant. As there was  risk of the pipework overpressurising the pumps were automatically controlled via pressure transducers and would vary speed in order to increase or decrease the pump discharge pressure.

The pump solution that we were able to provide has ensured that the mine can run at a production level where it remains profitable.