Finding Water Management Solutions With Pumps

Finding Water Management Solutions With Pumps


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With recent devastating flooding events in North Queensland, there is a pressing need for water management solutions. When a leading Australian University Water Laboratory made contact with Allflo Pumps and Equipment to see if they could hire a very large pump for an experiment at short notice, the team at Allflo rose to the challenge to find an incredible solution.

With a flow rate that approximated emptying an Olympic swimming pool (containing 2,500,000L) in 42 minutes, the Allflo solution was sure to help the University with their research.

Allflo Pumps aren’t in the pump hire business, but that didn’t stop them, as they proposed they would attempt to build a complete new pumpset for the University within the hire budget they had set aside.



The University and Allflo faced an extremely tight timeline of one month, with visitors from overseas booked and scheduled to fly in for the duration of their experiments. Any lateness or delivery extension would severely affect the customer and their overseas visitors plans. Margins were tight and the short timeline was looking to be a massive challenge, particularly as the end of the year was fast approaching. However, the Allflo team knew that the water laboratory would hugely benefit from having a pump that they could not only use for the experiment, but for future projects.



Allflo Pump Systems Engineer and NSW BDM, Tony Kersten, led the enquiry for the selection, quotation and customer communications. Company MD, Bryan Pederick, oversaw detailed design, manufacturing and assembly of the entire pumpset.



An Allflo Pumps & Equipment REMKO Model RM 650-40 with 650mm inlet x 650mm discharge was selected for the application. This huge pump has the capacity to manage large volumes of water.



Special open deck transport needed to be organised by Allflo, as well as crane logistics and methods to relocate the new pump into its position by the laboratory.



Allflo Pumps & Equipment were delighted to report that after a massive effort by the whole team the pumpset was delivered on time and within budget. The water laboratory’s Senior Engineer was glad he reached out to Allflo for a solution. Allflo is looking forward to seeing the incredible results from the interesting water experiments conducted by the university.



“Allflo were fantastic at getting us out of a tight spot after being let down by another supplier. Tony was responsive and professional throughout the project, worked through our many constraints, and even provided enthusiastic after sales follow up. Not only did they meet our immediate needs, they have left us with an excellent new piece of equipment.”

– Principal Engineer

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