Decanting High Viscosity Product

Decanting High Viscosity Product


A new start-up in eastern New South Wales, was importing the nourishing and hair strengthening shampoo, and was needing some equipment to aid in the transfer of the liquid from the large drums it came in, into smaller bottles, supplying wholesalers and retailers with a product they were able to sell to the market.

Being in the modern world of technology; this query was searched for online, bringing Allflo in amongst the search results. With our convincing online presence, the client felt he should give us a call. After speaking to the experienced team at Allflo, and realising the knowledge and expertise they had for his application, he gained confidence that Allflo could supply him with the best equipment that successfully do what he was asking.

Allflo has had years of experience over many industries and applications, so supplying the equipment and parts needed for this solution was no hassle.

How could Allflo help?

Due to the client not being very experienced with pumping equipment, and having no prior knowledge, he was asking for Allflo to supply the whole package, including suction lines, discharge lines, dispensing valves, air supply and control equipment.

After the package was sold and manufactured, it still had to be commissioned and put into place, so the transfer process could begin.  Allflo offered help with this procedure, contacting him onsite via social media video calls, and giving him sketches; so they could walk him through the whole process of installation and get the equipment up and running, ready to start business.

By the end of multiple calls with the experts at Allflo, instilling him with confidence, his transfer process of the shampoo was now under way and he was able to take ownership and responsibility for this equipment, ensuring his production line continued to run without failure. And if the unlikely event of failure did occur he knew Allflo would always be there to assist whenever the need arose.

The new company was now able to dispense their product, and continue running the company efficiently. Their product was ready to be taken to the market, and sold; giving the management and employees income.

The owner of this new start-up company was very appreciative of all the assistance and support Allflo gave him to supply him with a system to help his new business run smoothly.