How Can Councils Minimise The Effects Of Floods?

How Can Councils Minimise The Effects Of Floods?

Whether it is a small rain, a raging storm, or a freak weather change that results in a flood, it is important that everyone in the area is ready. In the case that the area has to be evacuated, that residents should have their personal emergency plan ready, and stay calm in this situation.

In addition to each home being prepared individually, the local council should also be prepared to act in a flood situation, and with some information and preparation, they can effectively minimise the effects of a flood and protect residents.

Being prepared for a flood

Whether it is a major flood, or a flash flood that can be cleaned up quickly, it’s essential that the water can be removed quickly and efficiently. The effects of a flood can be catastrophic, and can cause irreversible damage to people’s homes and families. In a number of cases, there may not be many options to drain the area, and when lives, livestock, and properties are at risk, it’s essential that the council services are prepared with the right pump in order to quickly remove the flood water.

Why pumps are the most effective option

There are many different types of pumps, but in the event of a flood, a submersible pump is one of the most useful ones to use. Also known as the stormwater or septic pump, it is typically used for de-watering slurry and sludge from a flood, and can dramatically reduce the level of damage, as it transports the excess water efficiently. It is also a very effective solution when other drainage options are not available.

Allflo Pumps and Equipment manufacture and distribute a range of pumps, including the versatile submersible pump. Used for various other commercial situations, these pumps are designed for de-watering slurry and sludge, sand dredging and more, making them a great choice in the event of a flood. Another pump that can be effective in a flood situation when gravity draining is not an option is the pump station, which is designed to transport fluids from one location to another, which is ideal in a flat, flooded area.

Being properly prepared for a flood can not only save property, but it can also save lives, so it’s essential that all councils in flood-prone areas are equipped with the right pumps, in order to protect their residents.

Allflo Pumps and Equipment trained staff are proud to provide customers with their expert advice, and assist them in choosing the best pump solutions for flood situations, no matter the location or pumping requirement. With the right advice and the correct pump for the job, you can make sure that your property and council area is protected.