Why It Is Essential To Upgrade Your Fire Safety Pump

Why It Is Essential To Upgrade Your Fire Safety Pump

Fires can be terrifying, spiral out of control very quickly, and in the moment, people respond differently. Stress and panic are common reactions to a fire, but when you add smoke inhalation and a reduced ability to see into the situation, it can be very dangerous indeed.

Preparing for fire safety

All schools, buildings, apartments and warehouses are required to prepare for a fire with fire drills, which teaches all employees, residents and students how to react when there is an actual fire. Most people have experienced a fire drill at least once in their life, but not all have been exposed to a fire. So, once one experiences these drills frequently overtime, it may begin to get a bit repetitive, and in the moment it may not seem that urgent. After all, what if it was just level 6 who burnt some toast?

So when there is an actual fire, it’s important to know whether you will be prepared, and whether your building marshall is also prepared. That’s why it’s essential that buildings are equipped with fire safety pumps.

Fire Safety Pumps are a key element of a fire sprinkler system’s water supply and are powered by electric, diesel or steam energy. This pump helps to regulate water pressure in a building’s sprinkler system, and ensures that adequate amounts of water reach the fire. They become activated when a fire causes the sprinkler system to engage and from this the fire pumps are then activated if the water pressure in the sprinkler system drops below a certain level.

Why do buildings need fire safety pumps?

Any regular person might think that perhaps firefighters can simply arrive at the scene, and eliminate the fire, but in reality it’s an integral element to fire safety.

However, there’s often a situation that arises where it’s not feasible for this firefighters to put out the fire immediately. For example, if a building is taller than the water tower, the water pressure from the water tower isn’t going to be enough to push the water to the top of the building. That’s where fire pumps are incredibly useful, as in high-rise buildings and warehouses they can handle coverage over large areas and the top floors, and can handle the decrease in water pressure.

Why do they need to be upgraded?

Just like any tangible good, the value of the fire pump will depreciate, and will start to wear out. If a pump operates at 5 or 10 percent reduced efficiency, it will consume more electricity and fuel over its lifetime, but most importantly will be less effective when it’s needed most.

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