When Is A Submersible Pump Necessary?

When Is A Submersible Pump Necessary?

Submersible pumps are regularly utilised in commercial, domestic, rural and industrial applications. They are often preferred over other types of pumps, due to their ability to transfer stormwater, sewage, rainwater, bore water and other fluids much more efficiently than standard above-ground pump. Some submersible pumps can effectively transfer solids, while others may be better suited to liquids. Different pumps are recommended depending on the environment that they are utilised, since improper application can lead to major faults. 


As the name suggests, above-ground pumps are surface mounted and pull fluid from below the ground, where in contrast, submersible pumps are beneath the surface and push the fluid out. Therefore, the depth of the pit in which the pump will be installed is a fundamental determining factor. Since submersible pumps are fitted with a hermetically sealed motor, they can safely withstand the effects of submersion in circumstances where an above-ground pump would not. The versatility of submersible pumps means they can be implemented in a greater variety of applications than above-ground pumps, providing more reliable and efficient results. However, various factors such as the type and temperature of the fluid, as well as the depth in which it is submerged, should be considered when choosing a pump.


Depending on the conditions of application, there are various types of submersible pumps available, including:

  • Grinder Pumps
  • Vortex Pumps
  • Cutter Pumps
  • Axil flow Pumps
  • Drainage Pumps
  • Dewatering Pumps

There is also the choice of manual or fully automated operation, with multiple material options available. If the pump is required to withstand harsh environmental factors such as high fluid temperatures and corrosive waste, it is important to select a durable system that is capable of functioning in these conditions. For example, heavy-duty pumps such as Remko full 316 stainless-steel Submersible Pump which is resistant to corrosion and is ideal for a long-lasting solution in these circumstances. If the pump is not intended by the manufacturer to be used in these environments, the warranty will become void, thereby leading to additional costs.

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