Remko Trash Pumps – A Safety & Energy Solution

Remko Trash Pumps – A Safety & Energy Solution

Due to the impacts of climate change and safety, there is now an increased focus on industries employing strategies to reduce risk and energy consumption.

This covers large pumping equipment by upgrading to new methods and new safety standards. Allflo Pumps & Equipment have an innovative solution to upgrade the traditional below ground pump station that most water authorities have.

The asset owners looking for a solution to the maintenance and reliability issues associated with submersible sewerage pump stations. Also, industrial processing plants dealing with wastewater and any other excess run-off from production.


The problems are many and varied, including lifting chains breaking, pumps becoming stuck on there guide rails as well as general reliability issues.

Even when everything is going well, operators and maintenance crews would be exposed to a risk of falling into pits whilst hoisting submersible pumps to the surface for maintenance or unblocking. 

Allflo Pumps suggests the use of the Remko RT Series self-priming, trash handling pumps, which would mean only one operator would be needed for most of the maintenance issues, and any work could be done without opening wet well covers and exposing operators to risk of falling and the exposure of nasty gases associated with sewage and wastewater.

Remko Benefits

– No Confined Spaces

– Less Choking

– Easy Access

– Fastest to no service

– Longer Lasting