Recognition of Allflo’s Partnership with Grundfos

Recognition of Allflo’s Partnership with Grundfos

It is a great achievement when you are recognized by Grundfos, one of the world’s leading water technology companies, as a “Certified Industry Partner.” We have had a long-lasting relationship with Grundfos since the beginning of our company journey, helping solve many of our customers’ problems with their trusted product.

Decades of experience and continually rising transaction numbers, meant we were able to elevate our status to be eligible to become a part of their “Certified Partnership Program.”

This month, Grundfos recognized this partnership between our companies, bringing great delight to the team, helping Allflo deliver more benefits to their customers, assisting in making them a trusted supplier. With this recognition, the support we receive from Grundfos has increased, allowing us to deliver more to assist solving customer pain points and helping us grow.

As Allflo strive to meet their vision of being innovative solution providers, we are proud to work with a world-renowned company, adding value to our customers and providing them with assurance that our solutions will work, every time. With the customers’ needs at front of mind, Allflo continually keep up to date with world-class trends and manufacturers (eg. Grundfos), ensuring we continue with our reliability in the pumping industry in the coming years.