Pumping Solution For New Livestock Exchange

Pumping Solution For New Livestock Exchange


Allflo was recently approached by a large plumbing contractor to provide a solution for supplying water to various parts of a livestock exchange and then provide a system to remove the waste water from the facility. Allflo were happy to take on the challenge and be a part of the project where we successfully supplied:

– Potable water for truck drivers & administration facilities

– Water to cattle drinking troughs

– Yard wash down water

– Water for dust suppression

– Water to the truck wash system

This was achieved with two Dual Multistage Booster Pump Packages including control and monitoring hardware. Waste water was managed via two Allflo Sewer Pump Stations with submersible Remko Grinder Pumps and two Remko RT Series Self Priming Trash Pumps.