Allflo Tailors Progressive Cavity Pumps For Aerated Products

Allflo Tailors Progressive Cavity Pumps For Aerated Products



A large processing facility were having trouble getting their helical rotor pumps to keep up with the volume of liquid being processed. The existing pumps used in this process weren’t keeping up.  According to the new-pump performance curve, they should have been, so further thought was needed to keep their process running smoothly. Having dealt with Allflo for over 20 years, they knew they could rely on Allflo’s experience with industrial liquids processing, to come up with a solution to their problem.

Hot water is added to the process, creating steam; the volume of the liquid was largely increased into a foam-like substance.

The solution

After an in depth conversation with the company’s production team, Allflo put their knowledge into use and tailored 2 x helical rotor progressive cavity pumps to help this problem.

Allflo offered a customised solution including the following amendments to the pumps:

  • Maintain-In-Place pump design for safe and efficient servicing
  • Right-angled drive for short installation space
  • Packed gland making it more robust for scavenge duty
  • Stator fastening: Circlip and collar that eliminates long tie-bolts.

These were a few of many customisations that not only solved the plant’s problem but gave a range of cost-saving benefits along with promoting safety of all personnel.