Allflo Supplies Complete Nischefire Package For Safety And Protection At Nsw High School

Allflo Supplies Complete Nischefire Package For Safety And Protection At Nsw High School


A high school located in NSW, had just completed some renovations which included the addition of a new hall, used for many purposes. This extension to their property meant they were in the need of a new fire pump. Due to the classifications and size of the hall, the existing fire pump wasn’t fit for the job.

So, Allflo was contacted by a plumbing firm and asked to quote on a fire pump system to suit this application.

Noting all the requirements needed, Allflo’s technicians quoted a fire pump system suited and followed on from there.

Unfortunately, COVID-19 struck us and few hiccups arose during the process, including border closures between the states, but with a bit of teamwork and cooperation, everything was able to be sorted to complete this job.

Allflo was able to provide a NischeFire Dual Fire pump enclosure with full-size lockable access doors and external stroke and aural alarm. The fire pump had a nominal duty of 10L/sec @ 850kPa + 130%.

As part of Allflo’s policy, it was made sure this system was built to Australian Standards 2941-2013, ensuring the safety of all attending the high school, in case of an emergency.

The whole process for the end-user was made smooth, due to the team work between the companies involved in this job. As mentioned, Allflo was contacted by a NSW plumbing firm to build and install a fire pump enclosure for this school. Working with this company was a dream for Allflo as they were so cooperative and willing to do whatever was required in installing and commissioning this equipment.

Specified in the quotation Allflo gave, this fire pump was built in an enclosure to avoid vandalism, gave it protection from the weather as well as protecting inquisitive kids from injuring themselves from this potentially harmful equipment. This enclosure is available in any Colorbond® colour on request to match in the surroundings.

Overall, along with the work of the 2 companies mentioned, this job was a great success, giving the high school in NSW reassurance their staff, students and visitors would all be safe in the event of an emergency.


Client Feedback

After completion, Allflo received feedback from our client stating,

‘We decided to use Allflo Pumps for this project due to their excellent communication during design, great pricing and extensive after sales help. Nothing was too hard for these guys!’