Allflo Refurbishes Blood Pump In The Australian Meat Industry

Allflo Refurbishes Blood Pump In The Australian Meat Industry


Having purchased a progressive cavity pump from Allflo 30 years prior, it was beginning to wear out after years of reliable use.  The pump was getting very tired and corroded, so with Allflo’s reputation of unmatched experience in the industry, their expertise was called upon. The client could be rest assured, knowing they had the years of experience to choose them a correct solution that worked.

The obvious solution was to replace the existing pump with a new one. However, with multiple disadvantages arising with the installation of a new pump, and as the old motto goes, the agreement was made to refurbish the existing pump, and make it as good as new.

Although the reconditioning costs were about the same as a whole new pump, there were many benefits that far outweighed the gain of an altogether new pump. Some of these included:

  • The pump being more economical to run
  • Spare parts being easily accessible and fairly cheap to replace
  • Not having the difficulty and high costs of the installation of the new pump

Allflo set to provide the ultimate solution. The pump was taken into Allflo’s repair factory and stripped and assessed. Parts that Allflo were able to get, were replaced, but some parts were destroyed and not available to be purchased. Instead, Allflo innovated and repaired these parts, sand blasted corroded cast iron housings and painted them in a rust resistant epoxy coating; providing a readily available solution.

The client is very impressed with Allflo’s innovation and happy with how it turned out, knowing they have got a fully restored 30-year-old pump, that is cheap to run, easily serviceable with readily available spare parts as the need arises. Their same reliable pump, that the plant has depended on for decades, is back to continue their process and they have the peace of mind that it will continue to do so for another 30 years.