Allflo Develops Pump For Hand Sanitizer Production

Allflo Develops Pump For Hand Sanitizer Production


The bespoke pump from Allflo was designed to handle ethyl alcohol – the primary ingredient in the well-used hand sanitiser in today’s world.

To develop the pump, the Allflo team started with pump components already in its inventory. Additionally, Allflo reached out to motor manufacturer, WEG, to include WEG’s W22 Series 3.0 KW 2 pole Exd 11b T4 motor, an ATEX approved hazardous area motor, in the design of the new pump.

Allflo Pumps has been working alongside WEG for over 20 years and being a time-sensitive project, we were able to rely on WEG to provide a motor quickly.

Why is Allflo the answer?

With safety as a priority of all Allflo’s solutions, several safety nets work together in the design of this pump to ensure safe operation:

–          Allflo’s Cariba pump ethyl alcohol is driven by magnets, eliminating potential risks of leaks from a mechanical seal.

–          A temperature detector monitors pump head temperature to protect against the risk of overheating.

–          Motor power is monitored to protect against the risk of running dry. And the discharge line has a pressure relief valve to protect against risk of closed line or ‘dead head.’

All the safety features work together to create an effective safety net, ensuring the safety of the team, protection of the environment and equipment reliability.

The hand sanitiser will also benefit from the long service life of this equipment, as the typical life span of this pump is 20 years.

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