Our Customers Are Number One!

Our Customers Are Number One!

We at Allflo Pumps & Equipment are committed to deliver, in full, on time. From the time we receive your enquiry, to the time the goods are freighted to your company or site, everyone plays a vital role in ensuring we do all we can to deliver to your requested date. This is the date when it leaves our warehouse, and we make sure where possible it arrives to your requested destination when this product is needed.

We are always committed to make our customers feel wanted by giving them our uninterrupted attention and making sure all their questions are answered and needs are met. And we believe this doesn’t end after the sale is received.

Allflo Pumps & Equipment have ways and measures to make sure our customers are always our priority.



Communication is key


Life doesn’t always go as we expect or how we plan. Now, more than ever, during this disastrous pandemic the world is facing, we believe communication to our clients, customers and suppliers is of utmost importance. To help in our commitment to fulfil all our customer’s needs, we measure our performance, and as part of company policy, it is mandatory that if we can’t meet your requirements, we will be in contact with you to let you know. Some things we can’t control, and during this time especially, we all have to work together and be passionate and understanding of any differences or challenges that anyone may be facing in this uncertain time.


As a company, Allflo believes that if the internal staff love what they’re doing success will be ours and our clients will reap the benefits of that.


So, if you are unsure whether you should deal with Allflo Pumps, it is company policy that from the time you have been entered into our system to the time your goods leave our warehouse, the customer is always number one.


Contact the team at Allflo today to ensure you receive your goods when they are needed.