How To Improve Efficiency In Your Paint Factory

How To Improve Efficiency In Your Paint Factory

If you work in the paint industry, you’ll know that energy consumption is high – very high. This is largely due to the safety issues that come with using electricity around flammable materials, which is unavoidable in paint factories. This means that in order to reduce safety risks, paint factories reduce the use of electricity. One of the alternative energy sources that has been implemented in paint factories is compressed air, which is a necessary, but expensive alternative.

A high use of compressed air in paint factories are air operated diaphragm pumps. In boutique factories that only have 2 – 3 of these pumps, this is not such an issue. However, in large factories which have up to 100 air operated diaphragm pumps this comes at a huge expense.

Allflo Pumps and Equipment have a range of Air Operated Diaphragm pumps which are 35 – 67% more energy efficient than competitor pumps. This is thanks to the newly designed high efficiency air valve, which makes them the most energy efficient and cost effective pump in the industry. This pump is able to empty faster, and this is where the cost savings come from;

– Allflo: 37,854 litres empties in 82 minutes – costing a total of $2.21 
– Competitor: 37,854 litres empties in 89 minutes – costing a total of $3.21

Over time, and multiple machines, these cost savings really add up.

After reviewing the operating cost for 1 year, the Allflo Pumps and Equipment Air Operated Diaphragm pump costs $8,391 per year to operate*. Our closest competitor cost $12,822 per year to operate. This is a cost difference that really starts to add up when you start adding more pumps into the equation!

An added benefit of this pump is the simple design. With only 28 parts – the fewest in the industry – there are fewer parts to wear and break down, resulting in a reduced risk of disruptions in service, and a reliable operation. When break downs do occur, this pump will make your maintenance worker look like a pro. This pump has been designed so that anyone can repair it, featuring a bolted design that promotes swift and seamless repairs. Further to that, this pump has been designed so the mounting feet and liquid porting location match that of competitors, meaning there is a reduced replacement cost.

If you would like to discuss this product further, please do not hesitate to contact our sales team. At Allflo Pumps and Equipment, our goal is to benefit the end user. We’re proud of the energy efficiencies this pump offers, and would be glad to further discuss how this pump could be implemented in your business.



*Based on pump running 8 hours a day, 365 days a year, at 80 PSG air inlet and 20 PSIG head pressure. 4 CFM=1hp, 1kwhr=24c.