How Many Pumps Does A Farm Need?

How Many Pumps Does A Farm Need?

Selecting the most efficient pumps for your farm can be tedious, especially if you are unaware of the variety of pumps suitable for your farm. The function of pumps in farms are used broadly in agriculture to divert water from the water source, via an irrigation system. Allflo Pumps & Equipment specialises in varieties of pumps and cater to multiple industries for various purposes including irrigation and agriculture.

When selecting the most suitable pump for your farm, it is advised to check the discharge, type, capacity and pressure of pump requirements as well as find out any upfront costs. Hence, if you are looking for the right pumps for your farm, we have everything you need below one roof. Here are four pumps by Allflo that may suit your farm’s needs:

1. Centrifugal pump

The first and main pump for your farm would be a centrifugal pump. This pump is used to transport fluids such as water, sewage and petroleum by converting rotational energy to hydrodynamic energy. With Allflo’s extensive years of experience, we are capable in manufacturing high-quality centrifugal pumps that are able to withstand various types of liquids and systems. Customers are free to decide on the material of their desired pump. This pump also complies with ISO and DIN standards and feature easy dismantling systems. Centrifugal pumps are available in many forms such as above-ground, below-ground, horizontal and vertical, each serving its own purpose.

2. Submersible pump

The second pump that your farm needs are submersible pumps. As the name suggests, this pump is submersed below water level, such as in dams and ponds. These are commonly seen on commercial, residential and agricultural applications, and are considered versatile compared to other pumps. This type of pump is often used for drainage, de-watering sludge, chemicals and sewerage. Allflo offers choices for manual or automatic use and have various material options available.

3. Trash pumps

The next pump suitable for your farm would be trash pumps. They are considered self-priming pumps used for multiple functions including dewatering and trade waste. Trash pumps, or self-priming trash pumps use air and water to reach a maximum pumping capacity. They can be used on solids as well as liquids, increasing the versatility of these pumps.

4. Irrigation pump packages

Allflo’s irrigation pump packages are custom-made to suit your exact needs. Our staff are full trained to help you select the pump that best meets your requirements.

If you’re looking to improve the efficiency and productivity of your farm you need to invest in these 4 pumps!