Be Ready For Your Next Caravan Park Client

Be Ready For Your Next Caravan Park Client

Though it may not be something that’s always on your mind, every caravan park in the country needs to have a fire safety system in place, in case of a fire emergency. There are, of course, safety standards which must be met at all Australian parks, and the Country Fire Authority are currently completing audits on caravan parks across the country.

Each of these caravan parks has unique requirements, with a variety of factors to consider. Water pressure, proximity to flammable environmental factors and overall infrastructure must all be considered when implementing a fire protection system.

When it comes to updating fire systems, caravan park managers usually do not fully understand the intricacies and requirements of these jobs. They therefore need to hand the job to a capable third party who can advise on the job requirements, and handle the entire process for them. These people are often local plumbers or engineers, who have the experience and knowledge to assist caravan park managers.

If you are a caravan park service provider, it is important that you are armed with the latest requirements and product information to service caravan parks and provide peace of mind to managers, who are feeling stressed and pressured by audit requirements.

In rural areas, caravan parks often have issues with weak water pressure and poor infrastructure. Allflo Pumps and Engineering have a range of fire safety pumping solutions which meet the AS2941 Australian Standards, so you can rest assured these pumps are right for any job you may come across.

These pumps are available in both diesel and electric hydrant options, so you know there is an option which will suit your needs.

At the end of the day, safety is the priority for all of our pumping applications. Fire is a particularly dangerous threat as it can quickly cause damage, and fire pumps are crucial to the protection and safety of all communities across Australia. By developing fire pumping applications that are of the highest quality and made to Australian fire safety standards, we’re doing our part to help protect the lives of everyday Australians.

If you are servicing any caravan parks, please feel free contact the Allflo Pumps and Equipment team, and we will be able to assist you in servicing your clients, and ensuring that safety standards are met.